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On Twitter DJ UMB and Edgar Kruize have started a series of massive Prince Twitter Threads. The idea behind those threads is that we have a group of people each dissecting a track on a Prince album. When a series is over we have multiple angles on an album and many interesting insights and observations. We have posted ‘series two’ here earlier. For those of you not on Twitter, here is also an overview of the first series of threads, all in easily readable format. Series one: Purple Rain.

Contributing to this first Prince Twitter Thread series are: Nightchild Ethereal, Arthur Turnbull, Ant’s World Of Prince, Casey Rain, Edgar Kruize, Scott Woods, Erica Thompson, Prince’s Friend and Deejay UMB. Click on their names to visit their YouTube channels, blogs, websites or podcasts. Their Twitter threads can be found below.

If you enjoyed these threads and are on Twitter, the next series of threads will be about 3121. Starting om August 6 with a ‘housewarming’ and truly kicking off on August 7. Follow #PrinceTwitterThread to enjoy these as they are posted. We will compile them on this site as well once all threads have been posted. If you haven’t yet, please also check out the series of threads on the 1994 album Come.


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